You will receive the HTML and images for the design below which is acceptable to ebay's new security standards with https addresses on all the images. The actual design is larger than seen below and will almost fill the screen. All you'll have left to do is fill in your description, add images of your product, and list shipping costs. I will email you the HTML for this design to the address provided by paypal unless you instruct me to send it elsewhere. I'll provide the names of two websites that allow image hosting for free: Post Images and ImageBB. You're free to use this design below anywhere you please. But please don't resell it. I will provide instructions on  where to type in your description. We can converse over the phone if you like for this process. You can use Wordpad or Notepad to create your listing and then go to a site like Practiceboard to view your listing before heading to ebay. Or you could download an   HTML Editor like the one I use which is free and preview your listing as you make edits. This saves a lot of time.
Your images can be any size you want. These are just sample ones seen below. And you can add as many as you like. Images can have any color frame around them. Or no color. I'll help you with that. I have a white background in this listing but you can change that too to any color in that chart. If you want to remove costs to ship outside the U.S. I'll show you how to extract those lines at the bottom.
For this border design I'm asking $2.49 for my time to have created it and the assistance I'll be providing you in getting it converted to your liking for listing. No shipping costs since we'll use email. Ebay and Paypal will take 23% of that in fees leaving me just $1.93.

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